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The Altar of SmoleƄsk

This is not only about art. This is not only about Poland. This also concerns the political correctness of our times and is about ‘the right choices’. Therefore on the 9th of October, on the day of the parliamentary elections in Poland, we invite you to Berlin. Several months ago

NEW ART PHOTOGRAPHY project:  The Altar of SmoleƄsk

Polska Dusza

(Deutsche Version unten) 'The Polish Soul' - the latest work of Iris Schieferstein, shall be shown for the first time on the 11th of September 2011 in the Abnormals Gallery in Berlin. Iris Schieferstein considers that a true work of art should not be explained by 'wise’

NEW ART PHOTOGRAPHY project:  Polska Dusza

Abnormals Gallery Poznan in Exile

Getting tired of too many police visits and ridiculous threatenings,  the Abnormals Gallery in Poznan moved yesterday to the top flore of the building in  the Wroniecka Street 18, where /on 350 sq m/  the first exhibition /the

NEW ART PHOTOGRAPHY project:  Abnormals Gallery Poznan in Exile

Take part in Abnormals Foundation contest!

We invite you to take part in the competition to provide the utilisation concept for an empty land section in the centre of the city of PoznaƄ, for artistic purposes under the name of the Abnormals Gallery Poznan. Any creative person may become a competition participant. Professional concept

Abnormals Gallery in Poznan as an "open gallery" project!

The Abnormals Gallery in Poznan was opened as a daughter-gallery of the Abnormals Gallery Berlin in September 2010. After a few months of being just a traditional space for exhibitions and events the gallery is going to be transformed into an open and vivid, disturbing but attractive part

NEW ART PHOTOGRAPHY project:  Abnormals Gallery in Poznan as an "open gallery" project!
plot number 53, close to the synagouge, that will become the new open Abnormals Gallery in Poznan

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